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School Dinners

Do the lunchtime staff check whether children have eaten their packed lunch / school dinner?

In Year R, 1 and 2, packed lunches are checked and children having hot dinners need to ask before they leave the table. This allows us to monitor how much they have eaten. However, when the children move into Key Stage 2 (years 3 - 6), we encourage them to be become more responsible for themselves and therefore do not check what they have eaten. If you feel that your Key stage 2 child is not eating enough, please speak to your child's class teacher and/or phase leader. 


Is there any prescribed guidance on what my child's pack lunch should contain?

We don't have specific 'dos and don't' for packed luches. However, we encourage healthy eating and would asked that you help us by providing your child with a healthy lunch box. As part of this, we do ask is that there are no chocolate bars or fizzy drinks in lunch boxes. 

In addition, as with the majority of schools, we are a nut free site. This is to ensure that all our pupils are able to eat their lunch in a safe environment. Can we remind everyone that this means sandwiches should not contain peanut butter or Nutella and also to check snack bars as these often contain nuts. It also means that any products containing nuts should not be given to children after school while they are on the school site. Please keep these for when the children are off site. 


Can I provide a snack for child to enjoy before lunchtime?

The infant children (Years R, 1 and 2) are provided with a piece of fruit each day as part of a government funding scheme. However, we have no control over what fruit or veg arrives each morning so if your child is unlikely to eat the different fruit or vegetables, you are welcome to provide them with a piece from home.


The children in the juniors (Years 3 - 6) are welcome to bring in a snack for break time. However this should be a piece of fruit or vegetables. Cakes, biscuits and 'artificial' fruit such as fruit winders are not allowed. 


Can we also remind everyone that St John’s is a nut free site. This is to help ensure the safety of all our pupils and applies to snacks for break, lunch boxes and after school snacks.


I am not sure if my child(ren) can have free school meals, how can I check?

If you think you are entitled to Free School meals, please check your eligibility on the HC3S website: Although all children in years R, 1 and 2 get free lunches, it is important you apply as the school receives additional funding per child that is registered. If you need any assistance, please speak to either Mrs Garrod or Mrs Lea in the office who will support you to make an application.

What can my child(ren) drink during break/lunchtimes?

We ask that all parents provide their child with a water bottle that they can have with them in the classroom. This can be accessed all day inlcuding at break and lunchtime.  In line with our school policy, we ask that children only have plain water in their water bottle. This is to ensure that what they are drinking in the classroom, during lessons,
is providing the re-hydration they need to support their general well being and concentration. If a child’s water bottle contains a juice or flavoured water, staff will empty the contents and re-fill with water.


If your child has a school lunch, water is provided for them. The older children have jugs on the table whereas the younger children need to ask an adult to have their beaker filled up. This is because the jugs are too large and heavy for the younger children and this often leads to water being spilled. Children who bring a packed lunch also have access to water but a drink can be included in their lunch box. Lunchtime drinks do not have to be water but it must not be a fizzy drink.