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Year 3/4

Summer Term


During the Summer term, we will focus our learning around two topics. We will begin with 'Why settle in Britain?' a centred around the Anglo- Saxons and after half term we will start 'How great was Alfred the Great?". 

Spring 2 2024


In Spring 2 our theme was called 'Lights, Camera, Action!' and centred around the Year 3/4 performance. This Year the children performed Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies. Year 4 had the main roles and had to learn their lines and rehearse with Miss Smith. Year 3 were the chorus and did a wonderful job learning the songs with Miss Toomer and Mrs Coppin. The props were lovingly prepared by some of the Year 3 pupils, Mrs Coppin and the fabulous Year 3/4 LSAs. The children had an amazing time and did FANTASTIC performances to their loved ones. 

Spring 1 2024


In Spring 1 we started our theme 'Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice'  we began this theme with clues as to what our learning was centred around. We watched videos, looked at currency, tried to speak the language and did a puzzle of the Icelandic flag. As Geographers, we learnt about different types of volcanoes and how they are formed. As well as the physical and human features of Iceland. We used what we learnt to write a non-chronological report about Iceland. As Scientists we learnt about rocks and fossils. We really enjoyed learning about how fossils are formed and the different types of rocks and their properties.  We concluded our theme with art work inspired by Barbara Rae. We enjoyed learning about her use of colour and mixed media to create unusual pieces. We created our own art inspired by the Icelandic landscape. 

Stubbington Study Centre


Year 4 were lucky to visit Stubbington Study Centre in January. They stayed for two nights and had a wonderful time taking part in a range of activities. They set up mammal hotels, took part in a obstacle course called 'Earthquake' and finished the visit with a trip to the beach to take part in a sandcastle competition and to make rock pools. 


The children were amazing and showed our values of Love, Truth and Respect in everything they did. 

Autumn 2 2023


In Autumn 2 we started our theme 'Romans: Rotten or Revolutionary?  we began the theme by looking at some Roman Artefacts from the Hampshire History Box. We learnt the difference between primary and secondary sources and the importance of knowing the difference. We explored the legacy of the Romans and discussed whether they were rotten or revolutionary. We concluded our theme with a Roman Day led by Portals to the Past. We had a fantastic day and learnt a lot. 


In DT we made Roman Chariots. We had to evaluate what chariots were used for, the features of a chariot and then we designed and made our own. 


Autumn 1 2023


In Autumn 1 we began the year with a brand new theme, 'Southampton: A gateway to the world?'. We used our geography knowledge from KS1 to revisit the countries of the UK and how to locate on a map where we live. We thought about how Southampton connects us to the rest of the world by looking at Southampton airport departures and where the cruise ships go that depart from Southampton docks.  We discovered that from the docks we could travel all around the world. We did some virtual fieldwork and thought about why Southampton is a multi-cultural city. 


In science, we focused our learning around electricity. We discussed the purpose of batteries, how appliances work and built our own circuits and fixed broken circuits. We the used everything we learnt in science to make our own torches in DT. Our torches were really successful and we enjoyed making and decorating them.