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Year 3/4

Summer Term


In the Summer Term, we will be focusing our learning around two themes. We will begin with 'Latin Fever' and focus on Geography and Science and we will end the year with 'Stones and Bones' with a focus on History. 

Latin Fever


In this theme, we will be learning about the country Brazil.  In Geography, we will explore Brazil's human and physical features, maps, push and pull factors and look at the deforestation of the rainforest. In science, we will be looking at animals and how we can classify them. In French, we will be learning to name and pronounce different animals and express what they look like. Finally, to end our topic we will take part in a Virtual Reality experience, and head to The Amazon Rainforest!

Spring Term


During the Spring term, we focused our learning around two themes, 'Shining a light on other worlds' and St John's Kitchen. In January, Year 4 also visited Stubbington Study Centre. 

Stubbington Study Centre


Year 4 were lucky to visit Stubbington Study Centre in January. They stayed for two nights and had a wonderful time taking part in a range of activities. They set up mammal hotels, took part in a obstacle course called 'Earthquake' and finished the visit with a trip to the beach to take part in a sandcastle competition and to make rock pools. 


The children were amazing and showed our values of Love, Truth and Respect in everything they did. 

Shining a Light on Other Worlds


During this theme we rehearsed and prepared for our production, Star Warts: The Umpire Strikes Back!

The children spent a lot of time learning lines and lyrics and preparing for the performances to parents. The children did a fantastic job and raised an amazing £225 for the Basingstoke Food Bank. 

St John's Kitchen



In this theme, we will be learning about the importance of keeping our minds and bodies healthy. In DT,  we will learn about what seasonality means and will be designing our own seasonal pizza. In science, we will be clarifying our understanding of the different food groups and what each food group provides for our bodies. In French, we will be learning to name and pronounce different foods in French and express what we like and dislike. Finally to end our topic we will be visiting Pizza Express to make pizzas.