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Spring 2: Animal Homes and Habitats


This term we will be learning about different animals and where they live and comparing different habitats. We will be looking at non-fiction texts to find out more about animals that we are interested in. We will also be looking at the different insects and bugs that live in our school woodlands. This term we will also be gardening: preparing our vegetable patch and planting vegetables so we can harvest them in the Summer term!

Spring 1: People Who Help Us


We were busy this term learning all about the different people that help us in our community and the jobs that they do. We did lots of role-play; putting parking tickets on teacher's cars and solving crimes as well as putting out (pretend!) fires in our outside area as well as playing with small world toys inside. We enjoyed playing in our doctor's surgery role-play area and even had a visit from a real doctor who talked to us about how they help others in the job that they do!

We did lots of talking about and exploring our key texts this term, particularly focussing on the authors Alan and Janet Ahlberg and the books 'Burglar Bill' and 'The Jolly Postman'. At the end of our topic we wrote our own letters to friends and family and went on a walk to the post box to post them ourselves! We even drew maps of how we got to the post box and the different things we saw on the way.

In PE this term we focussed on dance and learned how to move to the beat of music and sequence movements together to create our own dance routines.

Autumn 2 - Once Upon a Time


This term Year R have been busy learning about different traditional tales. We have listened to and role-played lots of different stories, learning how to use story language in our play and when telling stories. 

Year R have also done lots of cooking this term: we have made pumpkin soup, porridge and our own bread! We have used cooking as an opportunity to learn about recipes and instructions as well as observing changing states as part of our science learning.

We have been on a few trips out of school this term. We visited the town library to find out about how we can borrow and find different types of books and also went to War Memorial Park to visit the memorial and see the poppies as well as doing some mindfulness activities in the peace garden. 

Year R put on their Nativity play in December as well as visiting the church for the first time for the school Christmas service!

Autumn 1: All About Me!

We had a great first term in school, learning our new routines and making lots of new friends! We talked about ourselves and what makes us special and have learned to listen to other people's ideas as well. We finished our term by learning about the book 'The Dot' by Peter H. Reynolds. Through this story we learned that it important to keep practising and never give up! It also gave us the opportunity to develop our art and mark making skills through lots of dotty art.

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