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Spring 2: On the move!

This term we will be learning all about transport. We are very excited about the lovely books that we are learning about this term and look forward to sharing them with you!

Spring 1: Once upon a time...

This term some of us have been learning at home and some at school! We had a super time learning about different traditional tales, exploring the stories through role play and art. We learned about materials through building the Three Little Pig's houses, plants and growth through planting our own magic beanstalks and how bread is made by the Little Red Hen! We have also started to have a go at writing short sentences and learned all about measuring in Maths.

Autumn 2: People who help us

This term we learned all different people that help us at home and at school. We developed our writing and speaking skills through our role play areas in our shared space and outside. During this term we had Burglar Bill break in to the classroom and we had to help the police catch him with our detective skills! Thankfully he has seen the error of his ways, is no longer stealing and has taken up baking! To end the topic we learned about the fire service and used the junk modelling skills that we have developed this term to make our own fire engines!

Autumn 1: All About Me!

We had a great first term in school, learning our new routines and making lots of new friends! We talked about ourselves and what makes us special and have learned to listen to other people's ideas as well. We finished our term by learning about the book 'The Dot' by Peter H. Reynolds. Through this story we learned that it important to keep practising and never give up! It also gave us the opportunity to develop our art and mark making skills through lots of dotty art.