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St. John’s C of E Primary School

Learning, Loving and Laughing Together!

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Headteacher Mrs Angela Nicholls
Deputy Headteacher Mr Neil Tunnicliffe
Foundation Stage

Mr Joss Gardner (Phase Leader)

Miss Olivia Newton

Key Stage 1

Mrs Angela Wynn (Phase Leader)

Miss Sarah Gray

Mrs Ellen Brett

Miss Chloe Dellar

Mrs Kelly Ridley

Lower Key Stage 2

Mrs Ruth Tunnicliffe (Phase Leader)

Miss Amy Crowley

Mrs Natasha Dale

Mrs Ursula May

Upper Key Stage 2

Miss Elizabeth Bulkeley (Phase Leader)

Miss Jasmine Latchman

Miss Yasmin March

Miss Ashleigh Smith

SENCo Mr Neil Tunnicliffe
Admin Officer Mrs Lin Erskine
Admin Assistants

Mrs Clare Garrod

Mrs Clare Lea

Learning Support Staff

Mrs Catherine Applegate

Mrs Lesley Barnwell

Mrs Johanna Berry

Mrs Amy Boghurst

Mrs Helen Christian

Mrs Tracy Drover

Mrs Tracey Gonzato

Mrs Colette Grant

Mrs Celia Hagedorn

Mrs Alison Hunter

Mrs Shuiman Li

Mrs Stephanie Lucas

Mrs Val Morrison 

Mrs Sue Nickells

Miss Jessica O'Neill

Mrs Sandra Paddon

Mrs Jenny Rixon

Mrs Diane Thatcher

Mrs Fiona Thomson

Senior Midday Supervisory Assistant Mrs Val Morrison
Play Leaders

Mrs Caroline Bailey

Mrs Mary Doyle

Mrs Carol Keeler

Sports Leader Mrs Hayley Williams
Site Manager Mr Brian Tracy

Mrs Anita Conway

Mrs Patricia Crockwell

Mrs Mary Doyle

Miss Amanda Wright

Breakfast Club

Mr Brian Tracy (Leader)

Mrs Tholakele Ngwenya

Mrs Jan Page

After School Club

Mrs Sandra Paddon (Leader)

Mrs Tracy Drover

Mrs Tracey Gonzato

Mrs Tholakele Ngwenya

Mrs Jan Page

Mrs Caroline Perks