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Can my child(ren) play on the trim trail after school?


The grounds are open to be used by the school community until 4pm when our caretaker (Mr Tracy) locks up. However, we ask that the school community follow a few rules to ensure that everyone is safe while on site.
As a reminder, we ask that..

  •  children are always supervised on the adventure playground by an adult;
  •  the rules of the adventure playground are followed including specifically the rules regarding use of some pieces of equipment by children under 5;
  •  children do not ride scooters or bikes anywhere on site, including the playgrounds at any time;
  •  children may enjoy the woodland, but please do not climb trees;
  •  when using the woodland, children must be supervised by an adult;
  •  any ball games are played on the side of the playground with the basketball hoops rather than on the side nearest the school building. 


If these simple rules are regularly ignored we will unfortunately have to lock the ground immediately at the end of the day which would be a real pity.