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Year 5/6

                                                                             Autumn 2023

Autumn 2 - God's Beautiful World


During this half-term we will explore renewable and non-renewable resources in Geography, and consider the impact on our natural resources. We will learn about how these resources create the energy we use and where in the world many of the natural resources are found.


In science, we will use electrical circuits to investigate the impact of changing and variable - we will use our observation skills to do this. Next, we hope to take this new circuit knowledge to DT and create our own electrical car - vroom! vroom!


Christmas is not that far away and we will have lots of Christmas activities on too!


What an exciting end to the year!




Autumn 1 : Spirit of Adventure


What a great start to the Autumn term we have had!


In this topic, the children learnt about the natural world. As scientists, they explored how evolution explains how some species adapt over time to their environment. A visit from Jungle Jonathan, exposed the children to animals up close and personal! From this, drawing skills were developed in art, as the children recreated animal pattern and texture using pencil and oil pastels.


In DT, the children used a range of sewing stiches to produce their own bag, designed by themselves with a purpose in mind.


Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals was the inspiration for children to create their own musical piece, using glockenspiels too!


Check out our photos below!


Summer 2023

Summer 2: Festival of Food


In this design technology driven topic, we explored seasonality and tasted some fresh food from this season. By understanding the principles of a healthy and varied diet, we prepared and cooked a range of savoury dishes at our local secondary school. We worked together using newly acquired knife skills to chop ingredients sensibly and skilfully – teamwork was in abundance! Finally, we evaluated our finished dish in terms of taste, skill level and cost.


In art, we used tissue paper to papier mâché a bowl, according to our own design. It was tricky at times, but we persevered to create some beautiful bowls.


The life cycle of humans was explored and discussed in science; we learnt how humans change during their lifetime. The 6 main stages of growth were investigated: foetus, baby, child, adolescent, adult, and old age.


Ending the year, we were lucky enough to experience a career’s fair: we were visited by a range of organisations and services. The information stalls and visitors inspired us to think about what career we might like to do in the future.