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My child is poorly with a sick bug, when can they return to school?


Should your child have any form of sickness or stomach bug, they should remain off school for 48 hours from the last time they were sick or went to the toilet. Although we know this can seem like we are being over cautious if they are desperate to return to school on the second day, but this is NHS guidance which is aimed at preventing an infection from spreading across the whole school. We are often asked about how long children should be kept off for a variety of different illness. The NHS website is a really useful source of information. Thank you for your help in keeping the children (and staff) at St John’s healthy.



We are taking our child(ren) on holiday and they will miss school, do we need to let the school know?


St John's School is unable to authorise holidays in term time and an absence of more than 10 sessions (a day counts as 2 sessions) will lead to a fixed penalty notice being imposed. Penalty notices are imposed on each parent, for each child who is absent from school. However, if you do decide to take your child out of school, for any reason, please fill out a leave of absence form so that we know where your child is. If we can’t contact you, we are obliged to report the absence as it is a safeguarding issue.