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During this challenging time of school closures, we are developing this page to include tips and ideas to help you support your child's learning at home.  Every child and family situation is different: explore ways to encourage a range of learning activities and family time in a way that works for you all.  If something isn't working, don't worry.  Do what you can.  Focus on your whole family's safety and well-being as the priority. 

Creating Routines

Routines can help children feel more secure in these uncertain times.  You might like to try creating a daily timetable together - but don't panic if it doesn't go exactly to plan.  Think about how weekends are usually different to weekdays and try to include this within your routines, for example set times to be up, dressed and have had breakfast by.  In school, we are offering a variety of free choice play activities alongside the daily learning tasks.  There are also a number of celebrities streaming live events you might like to join (see below).  Perhaps try choosing one or two that particularly interest your child, whilst taking care not to overload yourselves!  Taking part in chores, limiting screen time and including daily exercise can all help.  Consider making video calls to family and friends, allowing for individual quiet time away from each other and planning treats.  Look after each other's mental health.

What is Coronavirus? An explainer for Children.

NOTICE: YouTube is designed for over 13's. If you are going to use this channel to show your children some of our educational resources please ensure this ta...

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