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Physical Education

“Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong” - John F Kennedy 

Physical Education 

Physical Education at St John’s School is taught in an inclusive and accessible way, to ensure all children leave our school with both healthy minds and healthy bodies. 

At St John’s School, our vision is that all children will be provided with the knowledge and skills to live healthy and well-balanced lives throughout their school journey and beyond. Physical Education is a core part of our curriculum, as it not only educates children on how their bodies work, but also supports them with building a healthy mind-set, allowing them to succeed in all areas of the curriculum. 


Our children’s Physical Education journey starts as soon as they enter school in EYFS, and through teaching an exciting and well-rounded curriculum, it continues to develop all the way up to year 6, when they leave us. Our aim is that these sporting activities will help children to not only improve their overall health and fitness, but also improve their mental health and cognitive development, as it has been proven that engaging in physical exercise will help to better their concentration and focus in other lessons.




Physical Education is not only accessed in specific lessons, but throughout the school day. At St John’s School we have various activities set up during lunch breaks, to encourage children to make the conscious choice to exercise their bodies. We also provide many extra-curricular clubs out of the usual school hours to allow children to participate in a range of sporting activities. Through doing this, we believe that all children will leave St John’s School with the core knowledge and understanding to live healthy lives and make healthy choices. 

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