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Year 1/2

Autumn 2 - Into the Unknown ...


We learnt about 4 significant explorers in history who had travelled in different ways - on foot, by boat, by aeroplane and by space rocket. We learnt about timelines and how some of these explorers were within living memory and some were beyond living memory. 



Visit from Amelia Earhart

In DT, we designed and made our own space buggies that could have been used by Neil Armstrong on his mission to the moon.

Autumn 1 - Welcome to our World


The children found an alien called Beegu had crash-landed in our school grounds. We had to teach Beegu all about our school and the countries that made up the United Kingdom. We also taught her about the weather and our body parts and senses.

In DT we made moving welcome cards for Beegu

KS1 Writing Non-Negotiables (a reminder)