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School Council Elections

Over the past week, the children have been learning all about democracy and the democratic process. Each class has had the chance to vote for who they would like to represent them on our school council and the winners from each class are listed below. Well done to all the children who nominated themselves and gave speeches in front of their classes. 


Today the three candidates for chair and vice-chair of the council gave their speeches in front of the whole school, outlining why they would be the best choice to lead the school council. All the speeches were well written and delivered and the children have made posters and badges to campaign around the school. 


Throughout the day each class has visited the polling booths so that each child was able to cast their vote in the ballot boxes. After a very close campaign the results were announced in assembly in the afternoon. 


Chair: Evie Roodhouse

Vice-chair: Charlie Ratcliff


Class Councillors

Denmark - George Stepney

Greece - Felicity Alderman

Aruba - Tabitha Leonard

Djibouti - Jack Black

Cameroon - Noah Bennett

Morocco - Caleb Ndhlovu

Maldives - Eva Bowen

Bangladesh - Grace Taylor

South Africa - Lucy Bye