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Year 5/6

Summer 1:  Today the World Came to My Place

How am I linked to places around the world?  We'll begin this topic by looking at our personal links to countries around the globe, and look at how everyday items available to us widen those links.  Geography will be the main driver as we consider a variety of maps and look at trading.  Our PSHE will develop our understanding of Fairtrade and we'll explore music and art from different cultures.  We'll  also investigate the Mayan society as a non-European study.

Spring 2: Love Conquers All

Shakespeare's famous play, Romeo and Juliet, was the driver for this topic.  A highlight was a visit from Theatre Exchange, where we enjoyed the opportunity to be coached by experts to create our own performance.  In music lessons, we listened to and reviewed a variety different composers' musical settings of Romeo and Juliet.  Linking to the potions available from the apothecary, we explored mixing and dissolving materials.  We also investigated reversible and irreversible changes.