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Year 5/6

Autumn 2: I'm an evacuee, get me out of here!



This topic is focused on a significant event in British history - World War 2. To engage the children, they will explore wartime life during our trip to Manor Farm. Through History, the children will have the opportunity to explore a variety of authentic artefacts from this time period and develop their knowledge of primary and secondary sources and bias. They will gather information from these useful objects to identify what this time period was like and who the items may have belonged to. Through our PSHE lessons, the children will have the chance to investigate their differences and why difference needs to be valued. They will also explore War Memorial Park and reflect upon the significance of its existence and why we lay poppies in remembrance. As we will be diving into war-themed texts, the children will create their own war poems and write persuasive texts about evacuation through our English sessions. 

Autumn 1: Mission to Mars



In Year 5/6, we have been focusing on our new topic - Mission to Mars! In this topic, we have been building on our scientific skills and exploring the solar system - identifying the planets within and exploring their orbits and rotation. As we delved deeper into space, the children explored Neil Armstrong and the first moon landing in detail. This topic provided children with the opportunity to develop their own lines of enquiry and answer their own questions about space. Through our English sessions, the children created a variety of texts to inform others about the wonders of our solar system.


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