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Year 1/2




Summer 1: Fit for Life


In Year 1/2, we are focusing on our new topic – Fit for Life. In this topic, we will be exploring the importance of regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet. In DT, the children will be analysing a professional athlete’s diet for them to design and make their own healthy snack for a chosen athlete. In Science, the children will learn about the different food groups and begin to think about how food portions link to healthy diets. They will also investigate how exercise can affect our bodies and the effect of soft drinks on our teeth, by conducting an experiment with eggshells. In ICT, the children will be creating their own informative PowerPoints about the importance of healthy lifestyles. Through our English lessons, the children will be writing to instruct by creating their own healthy recipes.



Spring 2: Playtime!


In Year 1/2, we focused on our topic – Playtime! In this topic, we explored our local environment by identifying the physical and human features found within the school grounds and the local community. In Science, the children learnt how to identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants that grow around our homes and school. In History, the children learnt about toys from the past and had the opportunity to compare these with their own toys. In our English sessions, the children wrote to entertain and created their own versions of a story that they shared with the Year R children at the end of term.


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Spring 1: Secret Life of Animals


In Year 1/2, we have focused on our topic – Secret Life of Animals! In this topic, we explored living things in their habitats, the life cycles of animals and what our pets need to be healthy. Through our English sessions, the children explored descriptive language to write their own riddles about different animals. They also learnt about the use of powerful verbs to persuade so they could write their own letters persuading someone to buy a pet. In DT, the children learnt some basic stitching skills and designed and made their own felt animal on our DT day. In ICT, the children learnt to design and create their own animated storyboards using Purple Mash.

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Autumn 2: Hot and Cold


In Year 1/2, we have focused on our topic – Hot and Cold! In this topic, we have explored the continents and oceans of the world and have looked at the location of the equator and the countries that surround it. We have also studied and compared the Polar Regions, identifying the similarities and differences between the Arctic and the Antarctic. Through Science, the children have enjoyed studying Polar animals and exploring their habitats as well as looking at micro-habitats around our school environment. Through our English sessions, the children have been learning to write their own letters and newspaper reports. In Art, the children have explored hot and cold colours and developed their colour mixing skills.

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Autumn 1: Castles and Dragons


In Year 1/2, we have focused on our topic – Castles and Dragons! In this topic, we have explored the history of castles, learning about their features and the different types of jobs that people did. The children have had the opportunity to explore what they learnt during our visit to Portchester Castle. Through Science and Design & Technology, the children have had the opportunity to explore the strength of different materials and been encouraged to decide which materials are best for building a castle. Through our English sessions, the children have explored non-fiction texts to write their own books about Castles. In Art, the children have drawn their own dragons and applied texture with different materials. Our DT day towards the end of term will allow the children to recreate their own castles using junk modelling.