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Our vision for the St John’s Curriculum:


A curriculum that is highly relevant, challenging, inspiring and stimulating to all children across the school through creative, well planned and resourced lessons that enable the children to have meaningful first hand experiences in school and beyond.



The St John’s ‘Children’s Curriculum’ is a thematic curriculum underpinned by a rigourous approach to the teaching and learning of the core skills – reading, writing and mathematics.  Priority is placed on ensuring that these skills are taught progressively throughout the school with clear, whole school expectations and approaches.  Reading, writing and mathematics are taught daily to every child at St John’s.


The St John’s Children’s Curriculum must be considered alongside the school’s Teaching and Learning Policy.


The curriculum’s subject content fulfills the requirements of the National Curriculum September 2014.


However this has been enhanced and agreed by the staff of St John’s to ensure that the content is best matched to the needs of our children.


What is a “Thematic Curriculum”?

This is a way of teaching and learning, whereby many areas of the curriculum are connected together and integrated within a theme. It allows learning to be more natural and less fragmented.

The core values that underpin our curriculum are:


  • achievement
  • challenge
  • accessibility for all
  • creativity
  • vision
  • determination


The St John’s ‘Children’s Curriculum’ aims to…


  • inspire all learners to enjoy learning, make progress and achieve – enabling them to be successful members of society today and in the future
  • offer innovative and flexible opportunities within safe and stimulating environments that have the interests of each child at the centre
  • have high expectations and strive for excellence through allowing children to work independently and co-operatively