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Year 3/4

Summer 1: Rumble in the Jungle


This half term our topic is called "Rumble in the Jungle". We will be visiting Marwell Zoo with particular focus on their tropical house. This will allow us to explore different animals habitats and the climate that tropical animals live in. We will also explore how it is different to other animals. In Science, we will explore the effects humans have on animals habitats through deforestation and the importance of nature reserves. In Geography, we will look at the location of the Amazon Rainforest and the physical geography related to it. In French, we will learn the names of different animals and in Art, with Mrs Christian, we will look at the artist Henri Rousseau.


Spring 2: Stones and Bones


This half term, our topic has explored the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.  We began the topic by exploring the history box. We investigated homes, food and clothing. We compared the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age lifestyles to each other to see how they changed over time. In Science, we deepened our understanding of the skeleton and discovered why we need a skeleton. We also looked at the skeletons of different animals and what effect this has on the way that they move. We also compared an animals skeleton to our own. In English , we were inspired by The Croods and wrote our own stories to create a class book. We all took part in our Year 3/4 performance - The Peace Child; Mrs Christian and Mrs Hunter helped us to create props for our play.

Spring 1: St John's Kitchen

Our third topic explored healthy eating and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We began the topic by tasting a wide variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables. We investigated where these foods came from and why they are not always grown in the UK.  In Science, we deepened our understanding of the five main food groups, looked at the purpose of each one, investigated our own diets and suggested ways we could eat more healthily.  Mrs Christian helped us to create a clay version of a healthy plate.  We have learnt the French names for various foods, as well as how to share our food likes and dislikes.  We have designed our own healthy pizza and will be creating them as our topic celebration - watch this space for the pictures!

Autumn 2: Escape to the Lakes?


Our second topic this year was Escape to the Lakes?  We began the topic by exploring the geographical and historical features of Basingstoke.  This included a walking trip into the town to practice using Ordinance Survey maps, drawing our own maps, investigating transport links and carrying out a survey.  Following this, we made comparisons with a different area of the UK - the Lake District - with the aim of deciding where we would rather live.  This involved studying the physical features of each location as well as the range of activities on offer for tourists.  In science, we studied the water cycle and changing states of matter.  We thought about valuing our environment and discussed our responsibilities for taking care of it. 

Autumn 1: Operation me!


During the first half term, Year 3/4 explored our topic Operation Me!  As part of this topic we learnt about the different organs that make up our digestive system and how they work.  We also looked at the different types of teeth that humans and animals have, and their functions, and started to explore food chains.  In art, we have created self-portraits in the style of Van Gogh and Picasso.  We have introduced new skills in DT, where we measured and sawed wood to create a photo frame - it even stands up by itself! Throughout the topic, we have had many opportunities to be self-reflective and to develop our teamwork skills through a range of PSHEE team building challenges.