Latest News

Below are some of the recent PTA organised activities and events:

Loco Anstey Close

Thank you!  We just received your generous donations totalling £77.12 to St John’s Primary School from the collection tin that you very kindly have available within your store.

The money you collected helps the Parent & Teachers Association (PTA) increase opportunities for the children in and outside of school hours and for the wider community as a whole.

On this occasion the money will be put towards our ‘Maximising Well Being’ initiatives which include providing extra-curricular sporting opportunities for the children and the provision of a new Children’s Trim Trail at the school which we hope to have in place during the Autumn term.

Once again on behalf of the entire St John’s Primary School Community thank you for your continued support.


discoLeavers Disco

This is a bitter sweet event celebrating and saying goodbye to the year 6 children in a final celebration. Although this event is for KS2 children only, we still raised £255.03 which is a fantastic amount considering only half the school can attend.







By encouraging the collection of both Sainsbury's and Tesco's vouchers we have collected a huge amount of both vouchers which has enabled us to place an order for an array of sports and activity equipment.  We can't wait to take receipt of these in order to start using them.  Any vouchers going free next time would be hugely appreciated.






happy-school-bagHappy School Bag

We have switched over to Happy School Bag and booked in 4 dates.  The collection back in April raised £171.60 which is fantastic considering you wonderful people were just having a good clear out.  The collection in July 2016 raised £130.

The next Collection is 11th October.  Bags will be going home with the children once the autumn term has begun. Let’s see if we can beat previous amounts.

Here is a link to the website if you need to check what is and is not accepted in the bags:




summer-fayreSummer Fayre

What a huge success this year’s Summer Fayre was!! So lovely to see so many families enjoying the event and supporting all the hard work the summer fayre team put into creating this fun filled, jam packed event. Thank you to all the came along we raised a massive £2693.






easter-egg-huntEaster Egg Hunt

I think you will all agree that this event is so much fun for the children and this year we saw a record amount of families come along and raised an amazing £641. The children have so much fun running around the school grounds trying to find the elusive golden straws!!






bison-logoBasingstoke Bison Ice Hockey

This was such a great success, thankyou St Johns community for supporting it and buying tickets. For every ticket bought £1 came back to the PTA and has gone into the fundraising pot. We raised £132 and it would be great to raise even more next time.   Due to the success of the event another date will be arranged for the 2016/2017 season so please watch this space.