Lunchtime Play


  • to develop the children's social and play skills
  • to enhance levels of physical activity
  • to encourage healthier lifestyles
  • to make good use of the school grounds
Throughout the year we have consulted with the children, Play Leaders, School Council and staff at least every half term to review and develop the good practice.


The teachers at St John's offer a whole variety of lunchtime and after school activities which the children take full advantage of.  However the most exciting addition to the clubs are the amount run by the children.  They are extremely successful and teach the children very valuable leadership and management skills.

Lunchtime Supporters

Play Leaders
Nine play leaders who support lunch in the hall and lead play in the school grounds.
Club Leaders
Teachers and children who run a range of clubs throughout the week.

Lunch Activities – the facts…

  • There are many different activities run every day for all the children
  • Play leaders run the activities
  • All activities and clubs start at 12:30 and end at 12:55
  • Children have a choice of which activity they take part in every day
  • Children can do two different activities during the 25 minutes
  • There are a range of clubs run by teachers and key stage 2 children
  • The whole outside area is available for use at lunchtime (weather permitting)
  • The activity timetable changes every half term

Examples of lunchtime activities:

Bottom Playground:
  • Small play equipment
  • Speed Stacks
Top Playground and Grass Area:
  • Netball / Basketball
  • Volley Ball
  • Skipping
  • Large Apparatus
  • Play Equipment
  • Football
  • Woodland (weather permitting)