Junior Newbury Building Society

Junior Newbury Building Society allows children from the age of seven to save their pocket money and pay it in safely at their school. The school opens a real life branch once a week where year six pupils act as cashiers, this teaches them responsibility and teamwork skills that will give them confidence when approached with new challenges in secondary school.
To make the process as real life as possible in the last term any interested year five pupils are asked to complete an application form to 'apply' for a job and are then given an interview – successful applicants are then chosen and they attend a days training where they learn how to treat their customers and how to run their branch.
The scheme was introduced at St John’s Primary School in September 2011 and we continue to support the Junior Newbury Building Society scheme this year. If you would like your child to become a saver then an application form can be picked up from the school, once completed and returned to the school office this is sent to the building society to be registered.
Children can save anything from £1 to £50, with the school bank being open every Tuesday from 9.00am and children have the option to access their savings from any Newbury Building Society and make deposits there too. For further information please contact Mrs Williams.