Writers’ Curriculum Week 2015

This half term was rounded off by a wonderful Writers’ Week! To celebrate our new Eco-Library we were inspired by the adventures which could be had going through a new door. Children were amazed as they arrived in school to find their classroom doors transformed! Around the school we found doors to lead to all sorts of adventures! There were castle doors, a TARDIS door, a gingerbread house door, the Three Bears’ house door, Platform 9 ¾, a secret garden door, Grandma’s cottage door, a hospital door and many more! Children used these doors as inspiration to write their own stories about going on an adventure through a new door.


Each child in Years 1-6 created their own hardback book which they wrote their adventure stories in. These books were a real labour of love for children. They had to carefully select their own cover and pages, bind their books with hessian and finally sew in their pages before it was ready for adding their own stories and illustrations. Year R classes also joined in, by creating a book as a class filled with pictures and captions of the story they had been re-telling as a class.


At the end of the week all children took their books to our new Eco-Library where shelves had been reserved for children’s own books! The Eco-Library is now bursting books made by children from St John’s. It has been wonderful to see everyone enjoying these amazing books and sharing them with so much pride.


Throughout the week the school was also filled with tiny doors which also helped to fuel the imagination further! The ‘Working at Home Opportunity’ (WAHO) for the week was to create a tiny door, which could be for a fairy, insect, elf or something else entirely! These doors popped up all over the school in very unexpected places, above door frames, hidden below windows and in book shelves! The children went on a door hunt around the school before using tiny paper and envelopes to write to the imaginary creatures living in these doors. It was so exciting seeing these letters popping up next to the doors all over the school throughout the week.


During Writers’ Week we also celebrated the Grand Opening of our new Eco Library! We were delighted to welcome the Bishop of Basingstoke who led a very special service for the school before leading us outside to the Eco Library where he officially opened the building. A red ribbon was cut and we all got to cheer as party poppers exploded to celebrate our fantastic new Eco Library! We were also joined by lots of special people who have been so important in the creation of the Eco Library to thank them for all their hard work.


The Eco Library was open after school every evening throughout the week for children and families to enjoy. We also had a Book Fair in school. Thank you to everyone who supported school with the Book Fair, we made over £800 which will be all going towards new books for the Eco Library!


Finally, we enjoyed a dress up day to wrap up our wonderful week. Children came as every book character imaginable and looked fantastic! Finally we had a book themed treasure hunt. The teachers hid around the school grounds and in teams children had to find the teachers and answer questions about books. Miss Toomer definitely won the prize as being the hardest to find, deep in the bushes! A lot of fun was had by all!


 Thank you so much to everyone for your involvement in the week, it was a wonderful celebration for St John’s new Eco Library.