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Welcome to Maldives!


Welcome to Maldives class! This is where we share all the exciting things we have been learning and discovering. There are photos and quotes from children about their learning, which you can explore as your scroll through.


Our topic this term is: Road Trip USA!



In this topic, we will be building on our geographical skills and exploring the state of Arizona - identifying its location and both its physical and human geographical features and comparing this with the UK. As we delve deeper into Arizona, the children will explore the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon in an in-depth study, exploring their formation and importance to Arizona's tourism. This topic provides children with the opportunity to develop their own lines of enquiry and answer their own questions about Arizona. Through our English sessions, the children will be creating a variety of texts to persuade others to visit this unusual state. 


Summer 1:  Who Let the Gods out?



In this topic, we explored the Ancient Greek civilisation, using our history enquiry skills, to investigate the achievements in this period. Using a variety of different artefacts and replicas, we discovered the importance of primary and secondary sources, while also developing an understanding of 'bias'. Through our English sessions, Greek myths and legends have been our focus. From this, we have written fantastic discussion texts about who is to blame for the death of Icarus - building on our class debate about the most guilty person. Throughout this topic, the children thought carefully about the importance of the Greek influence on our modern society, gaining a deepened understanding of how historical periods have shaped our lives today. To conclude the topic, Year 5/6 held an Ancient Greek afternoon, where the children were given the opportunity to experience Ancient Greek food and partake in their own Greek Olympic marathon. 



Who Let the Gods out? Gallery


INSET Day - Monday 3rd September 2018