Lunch and play times are often referred to as part of an informal curriculum.  They are opportunities for us to develop a range of social and play skills through different activities for the children.  We can also use the time to enhance their levels of physical activity and help them to develop healthier lifestyles.  We see play time being an opportunity for: guided social interaction, team-work, problem-solving, fun, increased levels of physical activity, building self-esteem, creative and imaginative play.  
We are in the fortunate position to be able to develop the use of our grounds and equipment to make playtimes a far more stimulating learning experience for the children.  In addition to activities run by our Play Leaders there are a host of clubs running at lunchtime and after school.
There are three types of clubs on offer at St John’s; those clubs run and managed by the pupils themselves, those run by members of staff and clubs run by volunteers at different times in the academic calendar.   
After school the staff and volunteers run a variety of sports clubs throughout the school year, many of these sporting clubs result in fixtures and local tournaments.  Some sporting clubs run by specialists charge a small fee for interested families.
In previous years clubs run by Key Stage 2 children have included; Cheerleading, Dance, Lego, Whacky Races, Speed Stacks, Drawing, Art and ICT club.  The children offer the clubs to the full range of ages and often reward their attendees in our Friday celebration assembly.
Clubs managed by staff have included; Tag Rugby, Football, Netball, Cricket, Sewing, Chess, Choir, Orchestra, Jnr Road Safety Officers Club, ICT, Gardening and Woodland Orienteering.
Finally, clubs offered by specialist coaches have included; Golf, Football for KS1, Multi Skills, Street Dance, Cricket and Ballroom Dancing.